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Get Involved!

Here are the upcoming events, walks and workshops connected to the project! Come and help us build something really special! 

Trail Launch Day! May 1, 2023.

Come and join lead artist Gemma Garwood and a small host of other characters as we perform strange and wonderful rites and rituals to celebrate the opening of the new trail!  

From the 1st of May to the 21st June YOU have the chance to add to the trail by completing some of the tasks and provocations left along the way, encouraging you to get creative and share the results! 

(A family friendly version of the trail is available that is kinder on little legs and buggy drivers alike.)

First Ritual Procession Performed at High Noon.

Second Ritual Procession Performed at 2pm.

Digital Trail available from 9 am, Monday 1st May.  


Midsummer Celebrations! 

Gather with us on Saturday the 24th June to celebrate the turning of the year and experience some beautiful unplugged live music and fun folk performances inspired by the park. 

Over on the west side of the island you can take part in zine making workshops and contribute to our project podcast at the Library. There will also be an exhibition which gathers together some of the work that both the project artists and the local communty have made over the course of  The Deepenings Project.

There will also be a small ritual to close the project on 21st June...

Watch this space for more information!

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