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East Anglian Folklore Centre

Something storied this way comes....

 a soft launch… a place to gather and tell stories, to share colloquial quirks, to dance with bells around the ankles, to sing alongside the fiddle… somewhere in the far flat distance, the ringing of bells… tolling a change, welcoming you all in.

We are Bethan Briggs-Miller and Gemma Garwood. All our lives we have been captivated by the stories connected to the places we’ve lived. Once we found each other we started dreaming of a place where we can celebrate these… we are going to start building that place, and with your help, welcoming as many folk as we can in to help celebrate our stunning East Anglian Lore. Over the next few days and weeks we’ll tell you a little more about ourselves and also about some of the fine folk we are looking forward to working alongside as we grow!

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