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Land Watchers

Here near the end of the trail we find a song for a tractor, The rangers and we perhaps even meet the old watchers. 

Things you can do!

Writing Task - The rangers here do a brilliant job of looking after both the Park, and the people that use it. When have you felt most looked after? When have you felt compelled to care for someone or something?Write a poem or short story about that moment.

Drawing Task - One of the characters we have discovered while working on the park is "The Watcher". We think this character is related to the magpies that have been supervising out visits to the park...Have you felt them watching you too? 

What might this character look like? (If you would rather write about it that's fine too!)





Final Stop... Monuments

01 - 4110Daniel Stephen Turner
00:00 / 02:24

The Watchers

This stretch of land betwixt the green and the brine 

Belongs neither to you or indeed nor is mine 

The footprints that mark a day spent in bliss

Are all washed away with each tidal kiss

The magpies standing sentinel over grass, earth and shore

Fly overhead where we will walk no more

On feathered wing black, white and blue

Listen as they call warnings to you 

The ferryman waits for the day finally to come 

When he carries the last passenger and then there'll be none

For with nowhere to land he leaves his vessel to rust 

Each Passing year collecting more dust

The Fisher's moth that resides here for now 

Enjoys the numbered days but understands how

With heavy heart their home will be claimed 

By the waters that cannot be tamed

After centuries of those watching the sea 

For messages, tidings and enemy

You are the final watchers, the end of a line

The last gift for you is this small stretch of time

Sleep Summer Child, in the earths warm embrace

Close your eyes and hide your face

The world above will rage and mourn 

As the ground beneath your feet is torn 

Listen...close your eyes and listen...

Take it all in 

The wind in your hair, the sun on your face

The smell of the grass and trees in this place

The feel of the earth and sand at your feet  

The taste of the salt and rest...feel complete

Listen. Breathe. Remember. 

Bethan Briggs-Miller - Written for the site, Midsummer 2023

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