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Buried treasure

Here we have a time capsule sealed under a rock. Close by there is a swathe of hogs fennel...The root of each whole plant supports the growth of only one Fishers Estuarine Moth Caterpillar. They are highly endangered and right here on the island we have one of the strongest populations in the UK. What things do we enjoy here that deserve to be treasured, coveted, treated a precious... 

pssst! Did you know that in the prehistoric part of the playground there are meant to be concrete dinosuar bones buried beneath the sand to discover! So far nobody has dug deep enough to find them...

Moth Image: Peter Maton

Things you could do

Storytelling Exercise - It's time to dig deep. While you have been walking around what memories or stories have surfaced for you? What precious things have turned up that you might be willing to share? What it the most unique or rare thing that you have ever experienced? 

If you are with someone else, tell them this story, right here and right now! If you are going solo, write it down, record it as a voice note or call somebody you would like to gift it to... 


Drawing Exercise - Draw the outline of the Time Capsule stone. Write your own wishes for the future on it in place of the inscription.

Ritual - Get as close as you can to the Time Capsule stone. Trace its outline with your finger, paying close attention to its unique shape. Whisper something to it that you don't mind leaving here with the stone and the wind. 


Next Stop... Family Friendly Trail - Flotsam & Forts

Extended Trail  (ages 12+) - Hiding Places

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