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End of the Line

This is the place where the park runs out,

In terms both real and imaginary. 

Here and now and not too far into the future.


Once, not too far from here and not outside of living memory, the sea walls gave way with "a sound like a clap of thunder" 


How much more are we willing to spend to hold back a rising tide.

Perhaps one day the current will shift and bring silt and soil up the coastline, bring increase in place of incursion. Perhaps...


Until then we must do what we can to treasure this place. To hold on tightly to it's magic. To make record. To take better care.  

Things you can do!

Dream - If you could make one grand gesture to mark and remember this place, what would it be?

Hatch a grand plan. 

Choreography - Find the place where the park officially ends. Put your hand on your heart, bow your head and sigh. Take a moment of silence. Look up. Look left. Look right. Turn around and walk back the way you came. 

Find a bench, take a moment and listen to this soundscape. 


Next Stop... Tidings

Cudmore Grove (Collapse)Elinor Rowlands
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