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What might we build for places like this? Why did we stop gathering to make monuments? Why do we think it's a good idea to start again now?

Things you can do!

Leave a shell on the cairn inside the horns of the moon mound. 

Have the wildflowers started to sprout? Are they in  crowning the mound in full blossom or have they gone to seed?


Please don't climb the mound! It is still fragile and the flowers, bees and insects need time to make themselves at home and bind the soil together again!

Don't forget to send us the things you would like us to add to the trail at

Ode to Mersea IslandElinor Rowlands - The Deepenings Project
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On Monuments

I always seem to end up digging... most of my art projects don't begin with that intention but many of them I have finished with a spade in my hand.


I had some excellent community help with the weeding and the seeding of this mound, but I moved most of the earth around myself over the course of around 10 days. 

What kind of monument would you build? What would you dedicate that monument to?

This place is magic. For me it was easy to imagine that Cudmore Grove deserved a monument to celebrate it. Hopefully over time you will enjoy it welcomeing you to the park, and it's wildflowers waving goodbye as you go. Until next time...


Thanks for coming down to The Deepenings.

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