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Ferryman's Waiting

But who is he waiting for...

The mythology connected to the ferryman is entwined with ideas realting to change, and ultimately to grief. The last kindly connection between the land of the living and the dead. Or perhaps an old salt who has spent a whole lifetime learning to navigate a shifting estuaryscape that can wrinkle and dance with as much animation as the sea carved lines on his weather beaten face. 


Things you can do!

Mapping Exercise - Return to your map. Add the following ferry routes on to it. 


One to your favourite place in all the world. 


One to home.


One to a place you long to visit. 


One to a place that you miss 


One to the person you would most like to see.  

Then take the coastline of your map and move it so that the area of land you have to work with shrinks by a third.


Fill it in with drawings of water and waves, and maybe some sea monsters.


This represents the level of land loss we may experience here by 2050... 

Sit with this for a little while.

Feel it as the sea air softly kisses your face. 

Next Stop... End of the Line

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