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Temple of Sound & Shadow

This pill box is a striking feature on the landscape of the park. It is still pretty complete and you can go inside. Be careful though, the entrance is low and it can be dark inside. It promises sanctuary, protection, echoes and noise.


Bethan's son described it as a temple when we bought him to visit early on in the project...he didn't comprehend it was part of the architecture of war. Rather, he felt the weight of the concrete and the thrill of the hidden space inside sat against all the openness of the park. We invite you to do the same! 

Things you can do!

Writing task

Write a short poem or a few paragraphs about home and what it means to you. What would you do to protect it?

Performance Task

Using the echoing sound in the pill box, read or sing, into/from inside it. Make a performance designed to be seen through the tiny viewholes.



Stand outside the pill box open your arms wide to the sky and take a deep breath. Stay here for as long as you like, drinking in the sky. Whe you are finished put your hands over your heart and take one final moment to feel grounded. 


Once you get inside this structure it is actually not too dissimilar to the insides of Mersea Barrow. It feels like you are crawling into the belly of the earth! 

Last Summer Bethan Elinor and I went to visit that mound which lies further west, looking over the island and toward the strood.

The video here was taken inside Mersea Mound on Midwinter  2022. A momnet of siklence capltured in a special place at a significant turning point in the year. 

Elinor has made a special part of the soundscape dedicated to that mound, which played a big part in the inspiration behind the deepenings project. 

Perhaps you cold take the time to listen to it inside the pill box? 

Next Stop... The family trail finishes here (so that you can play in the playground if you have time!) but you can also go over to the moon mound before you leave the park and add your shells to the cairn. There is one more part of the soundscape you could listen to over there too if you like!

Extended Trail (12+) - Deserting

West Mersea Barrow (Mound)Elinor Rowlands
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