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What a difference a week makes

The grass had been soaking in the bath since monday.

I had a busy morning attending to it.

I sat in the early sun and plaited and spiralled and tied knots and made wishes.

One of the things I love about working as a site specific artist is that, whilst you may have an initial response (or even a big idea!) you never quite know what the place is going to ask of you.

This is also one of the reasons that I love collaborating.

In a lifetime you will never alone learn all the skills that you might need to give yourself up to making the right things for each place...

If I hadn't worked with Lucy Gayler on the OTHERLAND project last year I would not have had the bravery to consider making objects, let alone the skills or inspiration to get weaving things.

So here we have 3 little vessels and a sun mat. They say that you can hear the sea if you hold a shell up to your ear and listen closely... If this is so, then what stories might be captured by these plaited strands, these knots and these spirals...

These will be used as ritual objects for the project. They have been made with care and intent. They will be used to create and hold ideas in our community workshops, where we will also discover their desired purpose. And then they will be special in their own right as part of the opening ceremony/festival for our new walk and ritual site next May.

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